There ought to be a word for that

Truly, when reading becomes an addiction. Not that I haven’t always had this problem, but the internetsocialmediaera has made it worse. Another morning sucked down the rabbit-hole of reading this that and the other—long reads and language blogs, tech articles, snow stories. Twitter has become my enabler. So many endlessly tempting links!

This morning, by way of Wordnik, which I discovered by way of @StanCarey on Twitter, I discovered Word Spy, and these two neologisms (one a portmanteau word):

craftivism: “The use of crafts such as knitting to further political, social, or other activist causes.

success theatre: “Posting images and stories designed to make others believe you are more successful than you really are.”

More Instagram snow pix on the NYT site

An NPR story on whether to let kids “fail” (The problem, if you ask me, is that we need to define what “fail” means. Because school does not reward risk, and it doesn’t reward failure. Students aren’t stupid, and they understand the system. School rewards people who are good at school.)

Another interesting piece from this week’s Narratively “100 Days Later” post-Sandy series…

Back to Stan Carey’s blog, and this great line quoted from the novel Remembering Light and Stone: “I thought all the words went down the wires, and if you cut a wire, language would drip out of it like water from a broken pipe.”

But now the coffee pot’s empty, so I guess (says I, looking up and blinking like a mole just emerged into the sunlight) I ought to do…something.


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