There are as many ways to be as there are people who are.

This thought — which struck me as the highway miles unfurled after a long, interesting day exploring someone else’s consuming passion — is about the most obvious observation one could make about the state of being human. And yet, my no-doubt breathtakingly insightful point induced by road fatigue and a whole hell of a lot of press-pot coffee chasing the earlier Starbucks twofer is that despite the unmistakable fact of every single person we know being different from every other person we know, nevertheless, some of us — and I excuse you enlightened people who are the exception — persist in falling prey to a notion that there is some sort of Platonic ideal of human-ness after which we ought to strive to model ourselves.

That nothing is exactly like anything else seems to me, in fact, however, to be the very essence of existence itself.

So hah! Take that, caffeine-cold-cocks-creative-thinking theory!


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