Of course the diaeresis

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 9.22.13 PMFrom a letter signed by New Yorker staff and writers and sent to Robert Gottlieb, “beseeching him to decline the job” of editor of the magazine, which he had been offered by New Yorker owner Si Newhouse. (From an interesting piece in The Awl about Gottlieb’s tenure as the editor who replaced William Shawn.)

What we must note here, of course, is the oh-so-New-Yorker use, even in a typed letter, of the diaeresis over the “e” in preëminence.

And here is The New Yorker‘s wonderful Mary Norris on the magazine’s use of the diaeresis (not, please note, to be confused with the umlaut), “the single thing that readers of the letter-writing variety complain about most.”


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