A concept so bad…

…even the portmanteau is terrible: Sharknado*. Because clearly the Syfy channel understands that if you’re going to make a truly awful movie, you gotta pull out all the stops.

*Brought to you by the makers of Dinocroc, Mansquito,  Megapython vs. Gatoroid and Sharktopus: “I think Sharktopus is probably one of our best titles ever. As a creature-feature movie, Sharktopus kind of says it all, right? It tells you it’s going to be a fun romp. It tells you that it’s a mash-up of two creatures. It tells you that there’s something fantastical there — because take a shark and an octopus and put them together and obviously there has to be a fantastical part to the story. It says that we have a sense of humor. It says action. I mean, it says a lot. It’s what you would call a high-concept title.”

Thomas Vitale, Syfy’s executive vice-president for programming and original movies, in New York




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