speaking of “awesome”

From “8 Disgusting Words to Avoid in Your Content Marketing Strategy.” Which isn’t really the kind of article I normally read (because when I read terms like “content marketing strategy,” in the words of P.G. Wodehouse, “It alters one’s whole conception of Man as Nature’s last word.” ).

But anyway. I would argue with #6 that even (let’s face it, “merely”) getting “13,000 likes overnight”—while such a happenstance may be exciting, rewarding, gratifying, or career-enhancing—is not, by any stretch, awesome.

Awesome means something that inspires awe. Awe, as my American Heritage Dictionary (5th edition) notes, is “a feeling of respect or reverence mixed with dread and wonder, often inspired by something majestic or powerful.” Like Mt. St. Helen’s blowing. Like tornadoes that obliterate entire towns. LIke this video from the documentary Chasing Ice.

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