Today I was given a new e-mail address by an organization I will be doing some work with. This makes (pauses to count on fingers…) at least 8 different e-mail addresses for me. I’m probably forgetting one or two that are more or less moribund, but still drifting along out there, kind of like the Voyager space craft, with the occasional blip every once in a while to remind me they’re still functioning. Though I do NOT have an AOL address. I met a guy yesterday who says he still uses only an AOL address. Really? I mean, you can still get mail at AOL? Do they use Pony Express?

Anyway, what I don’t get is this: What’s the NSA’s secret? Apparently they’re reading all our e-mail. I can’t even get to my own.

But, you know, please do e-mail. I love hearing from somebody besides Dr. Oz and beautiful Russian ladies eager to chat with me.

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