Kind of sort of good news?

Let’s hear it for longer (now if only I had time actually to read all the stuff I save to Pocket):

The vast majority of items saved to Pocket are short-form stuff: blog posts, BuzzFeed listicles, quick-hit news items, links gleaned from Twitter, and so on. Eighty-seven percent of Pocket’s saves by volume are things of this nature. The remaining 13% constitutes longform stories–the weighty New Yorker piece, the thoughtful New York Review of Books essay, and so on. But while that 13% constitutes the minority of Pocket content, it’s arguably the soul of what goes on inside Pocket.

“Engagement around articles is heavily weighted towards longer form and higher quality content,” says Weiner. Metrics of “engagement” vary, but include: the likelihood of a user actually opening a piece, how often they open it, whether an item is shared, whether it’s favorited, and whether it was read through to completion or abandoned mid-scroll. Some articles become so vibrant in Pocket that they result in a share almost every time they’re opened; Weiner calls such stories “Pocket-viral.”

via Fast Company


One thought on “Kind of sort of good news?

  1. OOO oooo yay oooo ty ty!! Now I have a way to save things from Arts and Letters to choose to read on a Sunday morning! I am also very glad that I no longer have to use bookmarks that I never get to nor find again! Thanks for the Pocket mention.

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