I think I’ve had occasion to observe this before, but, after a day with jazz radio playing, once again think it would be interesting for someone to propose a theory about why love — new love, lost love, vexed love, joyful love, mourned love — is the subject of so many songs? My point being, there would theoretically be so much you could write a song about, frogs and supernovas and changing a tire and eating cereal*, but again and again it’s love, love, love! Even songs that you think are going to safely steer clear of the topic. Like, you’re thinking, great, here’s a catchy little Glenn Miller tune about trains. But then no, all that business about reading magazines and ham & eggs in Carolina is mere prelude to the main order of business; you fetch up in Chattanooga only to find out that “There’s gonna be/ A certain party at the station…” Well, you know where this is going.

See what I mean? Come on people, let’s exercise some imagination here.


(*actually, there is a song, sort of, on that topic:



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