For some little while, this blog went formally by “WordGeeks.” There is, of course, a story behind that name, and the story is that I came up with it in about 30 seconds, while standing at the front of a college computer lab filled with the students in my editing class, after several other possible names had been tried and found already taken. Eventually, I changed the name to Verbavores, though, as you can see, the blog continues to operate in WordPress under its original name. So you can find us either at verbavores.com or at wordgeeks.wordpress.com (and while, as you’re already here, that point might seem more or less moot, I’m just clearing up any possible confusion).

So Verbavores, we are I, and here Verbavores be, amusing itself with language. Also, for the record, Verbavores favors prescriptivist-flavored descriptivism, believes in the serial comma, and, while this subtle point may have escaped your notice, is mad for National Grammar Day.

“But,” (perhaps you ask) “what’s with all the gobbets of poetry scattered about? Are we here to talk about squinting modifiers or what?”

To which I reply, “Or what.”


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I may have indicated “like” as my response, but there was a quality to “wordgeeks” that was more appealing than verbavores, perhaps because it was chosen on the fly (and please, no more flowers on the top of the blog, ever).

    • Interesting. I never really cared for wordgeeks, although I can’t say exactly why. If there’s a general outcry on its behalf, I will be reminded once again why no one ever tasks me with the job of naming things, though I will say that “verbavores” does better characterize my voracious appetite for language and the written word.

      As for the flowers–you feel they were not apropos? Duly noted.

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