coffee culture

…the “chemistry of coffee flavor is highly complex and is still not completely understood.” It’s hard to measure what isn’t known, and coffee is estimated to contain a thousand aroma compounds.

“Better Brewing Through Technology, Perhaps” on The New Yorker online

My students seemed to think I was having them on yesterday as I tried to describe to them the haute coffee subculture. I think this quote sums it up: “a review of the scientific literature on coffee staleness in the Speciality Coffee Chronicle …’

There’s a word for that

chronopharmacology—the study of how medications and drugs interact with your biology.

From Smithsonian blogs

(Though I disagree with the story’s conclusions on the optimal time to drink your coffee. The analysis fails to take into account the psychological element for your serious java fiend. One staggers into the kitchen feeling blindly for the necessary accoutrements, knowing that Life Doesn’t Commence until that first scalding sip.)