I have been grossly neglecting March! I put it down to the weather, which has, with gray cold precipitationness, induced ennui and despair. At last, yesterday brought balmy sunshine. Spring, you know, is when a not-as-young-as-I-might-once-have-been person’s thoughts turn to words:

psittacism, n.[‘ The mechanical repetition of previously received ideas or images, without true reasoning or feeling; repetition of words or phrases parrot-fashion; an instance of this.’]

(Refraining from pointed political commentary.) From OED WOTD

What’s the plural of “emoji”?

New Yorker‘s annual Eustace Tilley cover: a slide show of the best entries in the Eustace Tilley contest (the winner is a hipster).

And since, apparently, based on the number of hits this post gets, “What’s the plural of emoji?” is one of the more pressing questions posed to the internetosphere, I give you the Oxford Dictionaries online dictionary answer to that question, which is that either “emoji” or “emojis” is acceptable. So now you know.
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